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Portable & Foldable Self Squeeze Mop with Super Absorbent Cleaning Foam


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Portable & Foldable Self Squeeze Mop with Super Absorbent Cleaning Foam in Rs 899 with 10 days Money Back Guarantee all Pakistan


Searching for an all-in-one cleaning tool?

Can't Reach Tight Corners?

Introducing Portable Mini Mop:
✅Spotless Tables in Seconds
✅Effortless Cleaning, Anytime
✅Pocket-Sized Cleaning Magic
✅Small in Size, Big in Impact
✅Widely Applicable

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The mop head can be rotated to reach deep into crevices and clean hard-to-reach areas that a cloth cannot clean. It is suitable for both dry mopping to absorb dust and wet mopping to remove water stains and dirt.



 Space-saving Design

The mini sponge mop is designed to be space-saving and can be hung or stored upright for easy storage.



 Product Specifications


Material: Plastic + cotton thread



  • It can help you save time and energy. A mini mop is much smaller and lighter than a traditional mop, so it is easier to maneuver around furniture and other obstacles. This can save you time and energy when you are cleaning.
  • It can help you clean more effectively. A mini mop is designed to reach into small spaces that a traditional mop cannot. This means that you can clean more effectively and get into all the nooks and crannies.


How to Use this Portable & Foldable Self Squeeze Mop with Super Absorbent Cleaning Foam:



  • Flexibility Design: The design of the portable mini mop head can be turned and modified to effortlessly get rid of stains in confined spaces like bathrooms and rooms. This makes it more convenient to use and allows for flexible application.
  • Portable Design: The compact and foldable structure allows for effortless mobility and storage, making it ideal for utilization in confined spaces like vehicles while eliminating wastage of space.
  • Replaceable Sponge Mop Head: A set of replacement mini mop heads is included as a present, These mini mop heads are sturdy, washable and versatile, as they can be used for removing stains.
  • Applicable Scenarios: Multi-scenario use, table top garbage, kitchen water stains, tea table water stains, car glass window stains, etc. can be easily removed.
  • Specifications:
  • Type: Mini Mop
  • Color: White + Red
  • Size: 29.5x15.5cm
  • Material: Plastic + Rubber Cotton


10 days return service for customer satisfaction

Delivery in 3 to 4 working days via LCS (leopard Courier Company).

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