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Limited Offer - Beewax Imported Furniture Cleaning and Real Shine Polish with Long Lasting Formula Rs 799


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Limited Offer - Beewax Imported Furniture Cleaning and Real Shine Polish with Long Lasting Formula Rs 799 with 10 days Return Policy for Customer Satisfaction.

Mega Sale Offer - Huge Discount

Introducing our Wood Furniture Beeswax – the ultimate solution for reviving and enhancing the beauty of your cherished wooden furniture! With its remarkable features and all-natural composition, this product is designed to deliver exceptional results while ensuring the utmost safety.


Main Features: 

  • Various Usage - Works to remove scuff marks, grease, grime, and dirt from painted surfaces. Safe to use on all types of treated wooden furniture from tables to doors to cabinets and even in wood carvings. Gives a fresh and new look to your old dented/scratched wooden can be used to clean and polish almost any wood type, such as hemlock, cedar, spruce, ash, rosewood, teakwood, and more.


  • Give Wooden Furniture A New Look - Removes years of dirt to restore the look of your old furniture. This all-purpose wax not only cleans your wood furniture and wood cabinets but also polishes them to give them that natural shine!





Safe to Use:

Rest easy knowing that our Wood Furniture Beeswax is completely safe to use on all types of treated wood. You can confidently bring life back to your furniture without worrying about any damage.

Restore Furniture Appearance:


Say goodbye to dull and lifeless wooden surfaces! Our Wood Furniture Beeswax is specifically formulated to clean away dirt and grime, breathing new life into your old furniture. Rediscover the true charm of your cherished pieces!

Clean and Polish:

Experience the transformative power of our universal furniture polishing beeswax. Not only does it effectively clean your wooden furniture and cabinets, but it also polishes them to a radiant, natural glow. Prepare to be amazed by the remarkable results!

Refreshing Honey Scent:

Indulge your senses in the refreshing and clean aroma of our beeswax. With its delightful honey scent, your furniture will not only look rejuvenated but also smell incredibly inviting after every use.

Wide Uses:

Versatility at its best! Our Wood Furniture Beeswax is suitable for an array of applications, including wooden furniture, teak, antique or modern furniture, tables, chairs, floors, benches, and more. There's no limit to what you can revitalize!

10 days return service for customer satisfaction

Delivery in 3 to 4 working days via LCS (leopard Courier Company).

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