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J. BRAND 5 IN 1 LONG LASTING PERFUMES 35ML in Just Rs 1499 with 10 days Money Back Guarantee all Pakistan.


"Elevate your charm with the Pencil Perfume for Girls and Boys. Dual fragrances designed for unique personalities, offering a scented style that sets you apart effortlessly."



"Scent Symphony: Experience the Enchantment of a Random Mix of the Best Fragrances for a Truly Captivating and Unpredictably Alluring Aroma!"

"Indulge in a sensorial delight with our Random Mix of Best Fragrances – an enchanting symphony that combines top-notch scents for an alluring and unpredictable olfactory experience like never before."



"Elevate Every Breath: Discover Unrivaled Luxury with Our Best Quality Long-Lasting Scents - Immerse Yourself in Fragrance Excellence That Endures Beyond Expectations!"


"Experience opulence in every whiff with our Best Quality Long-Lasting Scents. Immerse yourself in enduring fragrance excellence, where each breath becomes a luxurious journey through captivating, long-lasting olfactory bliss."



"Pen Pocket Perfume: Alluring Fragrance for Every Woman - A Versatile Scent Elegantly Capturing All Ages with Irresistible Charm and Timeless Appeal!"

"Pen Pocket Perfume delivers an alluring fragrance, embracing women & men of all ages. Versatile and timeless, its irresistible charm captivates senses, offering an elegant and captivating scent for every occasion."


"On-the-Go Elegance: Effortless Refinement with a Pencil-Styled 35ml Spray - Your Portable Companion for Instant Fragrance Touch-Ups Anywhere, Anytime!"

"Experience On-the-Go Elegance with a pencil-shaped 35ml spray. Effortlessly refine your fragrance with this lightweight and portable companion, ensuring instant and convenient scent touch-ups wherever your journey takes you."



Pack of 5 Pocket Size Best Fragrance, Pencil Perfume for Girls and Boys 35 ml• Pack of 5 She Fragrances from UAE• Eau De Parfume for Women and boys

 Best Quality Long Lasting Scents

 Random Mix of Best Fragrances

 Capacity: 5 Slices, Weight: 110g

 Shelf Life: 5 years, Room Temperature Storage

 Multicolor, Recommended for Women and boys




💰 Money-Back Guarantee: If you bought it and felt that it is not for you, don't worry. Just Contact us. You have 10 days Money Back Guarantee. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied.


10 Days Return Service For Customer Satisfaction
Delivery In 3 To 4 Working Days Via LCS (Leopard Courier Company).
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