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Automatic Emergency Smart Human Body Sensor LED Night Light with Wireless USB Charging and Magnetic Suction for Night Light Use


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Automatic Emergency Smart Human Body Sensor LED Night Light with Wireless USB Charging and Magnetic Suction for Night Light Use in Just Rs 999 with 10 days Money Back Guarantee for Customer Satisfaction




Intelligent Human Induction: The LED night light features intelligent human induction, provides automatic lighting when motion is detected, providing convenience and safety in dark environments.

USB Charging: Equipped with USB charging function, this automatic emergency lighting source can be powered up easily, ensuring it is ready for use when you need it most.

VERSATILE USE: Perfect for bedside cabinets, home wardrobes, and other storage areas, this smart bulb provides lighting where you need it most.

Automatic Emergency Lighting: Designed for emergency situations, this flashlight turns on automatically in low-light conditions, providing convenience and safety in the dark.

LED Technology: Using LED technology, this night light provides energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, making it a reliable choice for sustainable lighting.




  1. The product does not require wiring and is easy to install. They can be used in bedrooms, closets, hallways, carts and other places that need lighting
  2. Single-color button number: When using, press the switch to open or close, long press can be infinite dimming.
  3. Two-color button model: When in use, press the switch, press in turn to light warm white light color mixing cycle, long press can be infinite dimming.
  4. Human body sensor When the human body enters the sensing range within 3-5 meters in the dark environment, the light will turn on and continue to turn on the light and turn off the light automatically after leaving the 20s, and in the bright environment, the night light will automatically enter the sleep state.
  5. The base is attached to a black magnetic plate that can be absorbed by hanging flat iron, or use four-shape matching (with back glue) to absorb at any level

Note: Please charge when the light becomes dark, it turns red when charging. It comes out when it is full

  1. Please charge it fully for the first time



💰 Money-Back Guarantee: If you bought it and felt that it is not for you, don't worry. Just Contact us. You have 10 days Money Back Guarantee. We want our customers to be happy and satisfied.


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